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The only rule is you cannot use someone Else's book idea in publication after it is placed in the blog. The information is public domain, but the idea is yours to keep, and if anyone is caught using your specific idea they have to answer in court to that act.

The hardest part of writing a book or novel is formulating an idea for the book or novel, and what your work is going to be about.

Submit your book idea here in this blog for the public to see. It's the next best thing to writing a book or novel yourself. *In your comment, say before your comment, "rating" or "idea"; **please use the comment section of this blog.

***The author of this blog doesn't have the time to use your book idea, but you can. If anyone uses this blog, their idea is protected and can be recorded for use in court if needed. **** It's your "idea," just say "back off broooo." ==========================================================================

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**The rating of your opinion is "high"; "medium"; or "low" depending on how good this idea is.

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The BUBI team.

Sunday, December 10, 2006



Learn your lessons well. You do not want to enter into the exosphere of the planet against the flow of air and against the rays of the solar center. Believe it or not the swirling pattern that occurs when water goes down the drain is a good example of the image showing how you should enter any atmospheric planetary orbit safely. Therefore, make sure that before you land your craft that you are well aware of the flow of time. You enter the atmosphere as if you were literally going down a drain because that is exactly how it will feel. The prevailing winds of Earth do head toward the east, against the flow of time. It is common to be traveling east when you enter the Earth's surfacing relative to wind and light. Orbiting the planet at a high rate of speed will result in a traveling vector which is like a sine or cosine wave relative to your travel. The greater the flux or extent of the wave, the more you are traveling through time due to the higher rate of speed. If you are traveling towards the sun rising the temperatures will be so hot that you will have a very difficult time entering in without damage to your craft. The heat from the relative transmission of radiant energy will cause your craft to misshape. Perhaps you might want to sit with a skilled physicist and mathematician first to plot your vector. One must have the equivalent of an IQ of about 300+ to do this, so you better choose wisely. Your life is at risk when you do not plan accordingly for your entry and your descent. Try a few things relative to this by standing in one place and using a rock tied to a string for instance. You will notice that there are times when the rock will move upwards in the orbit causing a sine wave with a pattern to form. Remember, the speed of light is 300,000 Kilometers per second, rendering a distance of approximately 6,000,000,000,000 miles for every year traveled. The universe is vast and you do need a map for when you are taking off and leaving. The Andromeda galaxy is the closest local solar system to ours here and the only other system which sustains life nearest to us. You may remember the logging of trips on what were considered science fiction shows. Unfortunately, the history of time travel is not that well defined here on this planet, and there are so many people who would rather try to influence the outcome of a situation by cheating, that no one ever tries to understand the manner and method of the act of time-travel.

Let's say you would be traveling to the helix nebula to hyperspace to another time in our system here only returning to find out that the planet doesn't exist yet. Denying that this planet exists is very relative to the act of your trip. Let's just say that the helix nebula was mistaken for a moon of Uranus which looks characteristically like the helix nebula, but is actually a solid gaseous moon. If you were attempting to travel in and through time by going to the helix nebula, and mistake it for a solid gaseous moon which as a solid that if hit can totally destroy the whole solar system as we know it, you're intention is not to destroy the whole planetary system, but you by accident do just that. What would happen to you then? So, for all the people with intentions for the sake of winning a race, they need to keep in mind that it only takes one mistake to completely destroy everything as we know it. There needs to be an acknowledgment of these things in our lives. We don't always think about these things because if we did we would be more careful what we do to others. That is the most important lesson that can be learned in time-travel.



If you find a compact disk that has any cracks inside the middle you can teach your computer new tricks. If you have an old cd-rom and you were thinking about getting a new computer, why not have a little fun experimenting with the way the computer works. Take that old cd-rom and put it in the retracting tray and watch out. If you have a digital alarm clock that is set to your computers' time you may make an automated noise maker that will drive you or someone else crazy. First, make sure that the time on the digital alarm clock is set to the exact time as your computer to the second and has a flashing display. note: Plug in the digital clock right at 12:00 and you will automatically set it at 12:00 with the flashing display. The digital clock has to be on the same circuit breaker. Use a nearby plug for instance. Second, make sure your compact disk will interfere with the reading of the drive. Third, put the cd-rom in and listen while your computer chews up the compact disk. Your computer will see that there is a problem and try to fix it when the disk starts to disintegrate, find some way to automatically fix it, and that means the program flashing on the digital clock will immediately be used. It should reprogram your cd-rom to open and close it's door repeatedly. Remember, from the time you put the chewed up cd-rom into the drive and the time it takes to completely ruin the compact disk, your computer will have written updates for the program that is on the cd-rom. Then, when you have almost completely ruined the compact disk, start banging the computer and forcing the pieces of the compact disk out of the cd-rom. It is very easy to fix the problem afterwards because all you have to do is hold the door open when the computer tries to close it, or force the door closed when the computer tries to open it. It is always fun to retaliate against the same technology which has in some cases ruined your life, and you get a very nice update for your program too.

If you would like, make sure the program does not have a copyright when you transfer your old hard disk information to your new system, although you may be breaking the copyright if your update makes the program much better. Therefore, all of your hard work in destroying your computer may make you some money if the people who wrote the program don't mind your update. Best of luck in your programming updates.



Everyone has heard of someone "coming out of the closet", but you never hear of someone going into the closet. Well, I have some ideas for you that will spice up your orientation plans. Halloween is not the only time to haunt it when you find a few hangers around. If you have the time you can get some pulleys and some string at the hardware store, use a rubberband for traction, and make you a ghost out of your extra hangers that are just sitting around not being used. Run the old deflated ball that is in your closet through the hanger at the top, (you can also find styrofoam balls at the craft store) all the way through, and then bend the arms down and hook the hanger to the top of your homemade ghost sketeton. note: Use as many hangers as you need to form a believable ghost when you wrap that old sheet around it. With the pulleys you get at the hardware store, attach the string in a loop and make sure you get enough traction from the rubberband. Attach the "ghost" that you made with the old deflated ball that you tied a sheet around to the string in the pulleys. Watch as the person or group gets the spook of their life when it is dark outside and they are passing by. Run the string quickly through the puleys at just the time they are unexpectant, and watch as they all run for their own closets to do some hiding. Use backlighting to make it look like it is an actual ghost. Your placement of the ghost between the pulleys is up to you, and the more believable the ghost looks the more people you can get into the closet. Try it out you who have not the money to go see the movie everyone else did. You will probably spend less money on the pulleys and screws you find in your hardware store than everyone else does for popcorn these days.
Good luck for your belated Halloween gag that no one will expect.

Thursday, December 07, 2006



Everyone has probably made fun of the pet owner who attempts to outshine everyone with their pet fashion. We don't always think about it, but animals want to be just like us. The goose sees a kitten and treats it like it's own. The little boy who loses his or her parents gets raised by wolves. The stories of cat and dog relationships make the eyes water too, but those creatures would like to have some of your hand-me-downs. Take an old knitted cap and cut the top off to fit around the neckline, sew it off, and then cut two holes in the body for a pooch's sweater which will be the envy of every dog in the neighborhood. If you have an old neck wrap, you can cut two holes in it, sew it up so it doesn't unravel and there you have it, a wiener dog special. Socks make for exciting fashion statements for the puppy and the kitty. The animals get cold too you know, and the cats and dogs have to stay outside in the winter to take care of their business. Make sure your homemade doggie or kitty wrap does not obstruct the pee pee so there will not be the occasional change of clothing that might reverse the warm trust your pet has in you. Best of luck in your fashion designs.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



No offense to the makeup companies, everyone knows they are working overtime to get you to buy their products.

You can make many of the cosmetics yourself though, and for much less than you would pay someone else to make it who sits around with every arsenal of the latest 'change your look' style. You're putting things close to your eyes that might harm you, so you want to make sure that the products are clean. Try a few hammer and stone techniques yourself, along with a little grinding of the metal, but you better make sure that it is ground fine enough, and you have to test it on a part of your body that won't be harmed that badly; try behind your knee or on your forearm. You will finally get the look you want without skin problems. You do the work this time if you would like. There are many different types of things that go into blush for instance, some things that you may eat every day. You have to make sure your makeup is finely ground, and clean so that it doesn't cause a reaction with your skin. You want to avoid things like nickel, chromium, lead and cadmium because they will cause hives and give you stomach cramps for instance, not to mention they are poisonous. Certain metals are known to cause blindness like osmium, a black colored metal. They do not get easily taken out of the body also. You do want to use metals like iron, aluminum, silver, copper, gold and platinum, but don't ingest these metals unless they are prescribed by a doctor. Be forewarned. Most metals do have toxic reactions with the blood because they change your blood gases. Be careful to not ingest metals unless you have a competent physician available, and you are under a doctors' care. Metals form acids inside the body, and the only way to get those metallic acids out is by throwing it up, if you don't, metallic acids will fill your feet with fluid. If you are having a difficult time with those things you might want to contact a doctor immediately. You may be the victim of 'Metal Makeup Madness' and should be careful about what you are putting around your eyes or around your mouth. Every time you go to the store to buy the latest makeup, be careful and keep these things in mind. Millions upon billions of dollars are made in beauty accessories. They create these types of things to enhance beauty, but it does not always work out the way it is planned for the consumer. Pay cash if you buy accessories to enhance beauty, and test them on a part of your skin you do not mind having a rash on. You need to find out for sure before you have a bad reaction to any type of beauty aide. The more you know about it the better. Save your receipts also when you purchase. You are the person supporting the beauty industry when you buy these accessories.

House Painting and Other Habits

Have you ever seen an interior designer who was not happy? Try coming up to an English Decorator, male or female, and bring up the term "*gay" and you will know what everyone at the Paint Supplier Store does. Oh what a joy it is to come into a nicely painted room with that fresh paint smell huh?

F. Y. I.
*gay - (gae') - happy or jovial; high spirited; content; satiated; obsolete-slang(homosexual).

Gay does not mean 'doing it' unnaturally.

Not sure about what to do with that old penny colored house.

Well look no further:

Can't get the paint off? You can rent a sandblaster, but if you use it the wrong way you will have **silicosis.

F. Y. I.
**silicosis - (sil' uh ko ses) - any toxicity level of silicone or silicates characterized by hyperactivity, undulating fever, sweating around the scalp and chest, and an increased sex drive; not to be confused with other types of respiratory illness.

note: Don't point your sandblaster towards any person or skin.

Revoke your old method of painting and put the paint right inside the sandblaster after you finished sanding if you want. note: please make sure the contract for rental of the sandblaster does not exclude certain types of liquids.

Make sure when you return the sandblaster that you have at least two people to run a diversion scheme. It isn't illegal unless you actually agree to not use liquids in the sandblaster when you make your rental agreement.

You can use an old rag with poked holes in it and rubber-band it onto the sandblasting hole for a smaller nozzle.

An old screen works pretty well also.

You better make sure it is fastened really good to your sandblaster though.

If you don't use a nozzle you can paint the grass, the car, and the sidewalk too while you paint your house with a sandblaster.

Painting inside? Why not just boil your paint on? You get your rollers all ready and then you are off. Two tone red and orange family room paint jobs go on a lot easier when you are boiling water while you paint inside.

Try to get enough boiling water to steam up the house so you won't damage your brain. When you and your painting friends get finished at the end of the day, the neighbors who just got home will think their house is haunted. Try to make so much noise banging and turning things over to make your neighbors think that their deceased grandparents have come back to life. You will have a good time seeing the looks on their faces when they start seeing the spirits coming from your turpentine concoction too. That's not illegal either, believe it or not.

Just put a coat of oil on it, that's what I say. Old looking wall that still has some life to it in that old wood finish? Just grab a gallon of oil and get to it. You can bring any home back to life if you put enough oil on it. Please note the increase in the size of your house when you cover it with oil. Good luck on your next financial decorating move.



What to do when you have been chopping wood all summer for that nestle in the homestead? Have you ever cooked your meal right before you sleep for a few weeks. I know, there are dissenters and everyone has jobs, and not everyone can just leave it all and curl up with a recent legal manual. For example: You eat your meal usually but have you ever decided to breathe your meal. That's right, it's not a typo, I said breathe your meal. Have you ever had a gourmet fire. There are some who do not believe it but yes, you can breathe your meal too. Some people will say, "but Broooo, how do you keep your good looks and with no wrinkles too?" It's not hard to turn that nasty old tar buildup from that last carton of cigarettes into B vitamins, but with a gourmet fire you can do that and much, much, more. Don't fret about having withdrawals from nicotinic acid either. You don't need that baked potato and steak dinner when your feasting on a big whiff of that batter dipped, whoof of smoke you make in your fireplace with that wood from the store. "I'll take some of that bread flour please, and give me a big container of canola oil to boot!!!!!" We all have some difficulties attempting to help our usual aging semi-mortal bodies. *We are not just sitting there with sub-zero cold temperatures outside for naught. I like to add a little grass to start it up with, seasoned with a few pages of that junk mail. It takes about three good sized logs and about five aluminum cans for a nice coating of sure fire 'smoke it up' for your tan colored interior painting job you haven't done yet. You will be sleepin' like a baby for at least a week if you just put a baked potato in the oven and then let 'er go. You friends will say, "what a nice complexion you have after that big sleep!" Trust me, there isn't a care in the world when you have taken off about 10 years of your looks. Believe me, the more you smoke tobacco the more you find these things out. I wouldn't advise it for just anybody though, because you better have a healthy body first. Don't eat the ashes either, just sprinkle some next to the most active person in your neighborhood, wash it down, an watch their lethargic body try to outdo you in the next shopping spree. You'll get a big laugh out of it, that's for sure.

*Please use nitrous oxide wisely. Make sure there is at least two feet of snow outside before attempting this.

Monday, December 04, 2006

DON'T FORGET THE ANTACID - better double-dose it


Well, don't get your posse in a bind, you need that antacid for your behind. Calcium supplements can really be good for you when you are experiencing some pain, but can it cure cancer? Taken alone all it will give you are constipation pellets, but if you are really serious about ingesting large amounts of acids, counteracting with an antacid might be the best way to go. You have to reduce your size down to fit in your orbiting pod, so you'll want the best pH your body can handle. They'll say,"....but Mom and Dad never took antacid........why do you think I should?" Well I can't take the place of your parents, but I will tell you this; when those debt collectors come in to break you they will have a big surprise when you are the one doing the breakin'. Plus, when you plan on living another one hundred and sixty to two hundred more years, the health of your bones might be important to you.


  • SOMETHING IN THE WATER - Well there are many people who don't believe this but, you can live on that grass growing in your back yard. Have you ever seen a dog eating grass? There's a reason why. You can live on that stuff. This is not to be taken as medical advice, but you can make you a nice drink with that grass growing around your house that's perfect for that twenty year trip back in time you'll have.

  • CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITIES - There are a number of people who wouldn't touch those tree seeds at all. Fret not, you who are hungry for nourishment. If it can make itself into a huge tree, imagine what it can do for you. Grind that up into a powder and you will be singing with the angels in no time. I like mine with a little dust of the earth. You better believe there isn't a better meal around for that space flight.

  • STONE IMPLANTS - Tired of everyone having better skin than you? When you go back in time you better work on your looks. Try some of these stone implants on for size. The ladies (or men in such case) really will melt when you walk in with your Onyx look. Don't you think that captain of the football team will be jealous when you take his girlfriend and still have your childhood sweetheart? You bet.

DISCLAIMER: The author takes not any direct or indirect liability for any advice on this blog nor is there any consideration taken for these items being placed for the readers enjoyment. If by chance any person reading and applying these items on this entire blog be harmed, the writer disclaims responsibility for any damages that may occur.


When you are strapped for cash and all you have is a jet with those fancy new turbines everyone has been talking about, buy those lottery tickets after your trip. Need a payday advance. Get your newspaper out fill up the jet and find you a nine to five until all of a sudden, whammy, you hit the twenty eight million dollar jackpot. What's that in Euros? It won't matter when you are at the venetian hideaway you'll buy with your winnings. Remember, one trip around the world going fast enough, and gas 'er up for that jet takes fifty to eighty days to trip you back in time to claim your prize. It only costs about one hundred and fifty dollars to fill 'er up. You can have your caviar dreams and still make the buffet when you get back home.


Let's say you will be traveling west for instance, which was south at one time:

*You would like to go to the middle ages.

Well, I would not advise this move if you are not familiar with working as a metalsmith or very skilled in training animals for farming, but if you would like to go to the middle ages, plan on spending most of your time eating your vitamin supplements and urinating in a bag for say at least six weeks my friend. You are on your way to defend your castle which will take about fifty villagers twenty years to build. Lest you shy away from a sword fight, you will be sitting by your moat and having your cocoa right before you get attacked by raiders. Better put a down payment on that flight to Mars.

*trust me they had it better in France, if you were a woman.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Metaphysical in the Exosphere (the outermost layer of the local atmosphere)

Have you ever wondered why people who believe in tree spirits, tarot cards, reincarnation and basically everything etherical act so strangely? Maybe it is because they have had near death experiences or someone grew corn next to their house when they were young. If you think that people are not still attempting to understand the funny lights in the sky, you're right. Every time someone makes a politically biased statement there are always people who want to say that they are nuts. The naysayers always have more clout, at least with their political affiliations. However, there are some people who believe that what is considered their controversial opinion is what protects them, and makes them aware of who is and isn't going to be able to be trusted. There is absolutely no way you can change a persons' mind about their circumstance, and if they feel strongly enough about it, they will make a life change on their own volition. Now, I don't know about the funny lights in the sky, but I do know that if you don't pay attention to the red and green lights at the intersection, you will have more problems later on. So, in respect of the funny lights in the sky, I resolve to be more favorable to the ones that are not blinding my eyes to the opinions of others. If you agree then you should be more interested in the lights of your own mind and not in the opinionated slights of others.