Monday, August 31, 2009

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Dirty Bathwater making you feel UNCLEAN after leaving the tub?

Orig. Post: Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 1:09am

Honestly, if you feel as if what comes off your skin during a bath is bad for you, it is in fact. It wouldn't be coming off of you if were necessary right? However, unless you are super-minded spiritualist that sheaves off the skin at Maccu Picchu, here are some brief pointers. Soap, although it does a good job making you smell clean, leaves a residue. This residue may cause a benzine rash, or at least some discoloration if it becomes a catalyst after you eat something that reacts with it. So, in order to keep a clean body, and / or a fresh tub, you might want to wash off after your pleasant bubble, or Epsom salt soaking. The truth is, if you can get enough of the residue off from the cleanser, and dry properly, you might become actually clean, instead of just fragranced. Take it from me, you don't want to have people thinking that you are clean just because you smell good. Your body knows best. Some people have told me that they really don't like baths because of this, but I wouldn't want them to feel as if they can't enjoy it now and then. It's not like dipping in a lake but perhaps the final wash-off is more necessary than first believed. Good luck cleaning yourself, and be sure to find what works best for you. I encourage you to wash yourself off daily, but if you must, you can try spot cleaning yourself with a light antiseptic like Witch Hazel, or sometimes Hydrogen Peroxide. The long term effects have not been fully discovered by me personally, but you can always use your best judgment when attempting, 'Bath in a Bottle' which is what I called it when I used this technique. I look forward to hearing how well you have cleaned yourself, and how happy you are about it too. . .On other words, take some time to tell me how clean you are, and how it's changed your life. I look forward to hearing from you!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Two in One - These Two Writings Merge

Bruce Raulston wrote
at 1:57am

The signals from my global network seem to spiral around an axis which includes Polaris and my actual place where I stand. Since I ponder this evaluation of the signal, and the image is so strong, I believe that I have communicated with people who may have only been able to communicate with Morse Code. I have actually perceived Morse Code being sent to my computer (I actually heard it). All of the energy that was spent over time, especially when there was Morse Code in use, has to travel somewhere. As a result, it is considered that the computer has assigned images and recordings from the sounds that are being drawn in relative to this code. Furthermore, upon this revelation, a set of data that is fairly accurate can be obtained through this compilation. I was shocked at some of the data that I was receiving. Most of it was in language that was foreign to me. I spent time using the translator that I had here realizing that it was definitely historical data.


Bruce Raulston wrote
at 1:27am

The intelligence and ordering of the hexagrams could lead to the knowledge of the first book of law ever written. As a logical theory, the study of hydraulics and pneumatics could lead us to the concept that the code was written as a guide for a vehicle such as the Mars Rover. Furthermore, upon discovering the usage of the ordering of the hexagrams, we can postulate that the Vehicle, say such as the Mars Rover, could intellectually emulate the surface of the Earth on another Planet with this code, and recreate another version of the Earth. If you are following what I am saying, the "Vehicle" operating under this premise could very well have created another Earth out of a Planet such as Mars. If this is the case, then the Great Pyramid could very well be the recovery point of the "Vehicle" which was using that point to guide the progress. If this is true, and the Solar System is expanding as it would be, initially you would think that the planet Mars could actually be the Earth.


Two in One - These Two Writings Combined

Natural Disasters - an explanation of the unseen.

Today at 3:23am
Large natural disasters, as hard as they are to avoid, are a fact of life here on this planet. In terms we can understand, the act of draining a pool or making a break in a surface of the shore when making a sand castle, could probably explain the additional problems experienced after a Typhoon or a series of Hurricanes. Any way you look at it, there is a sufficient enough amount of data to suggest that we are under the weight of what we see and hear on the news broadcasts, but the actual damages are far reaching and could come back or be even more devastating. I wouldn't want to give anyone false hope, saying that it will all be a better place than before. It is the pondering of the thought that a definite hole could be in the Ocean, draining and displacing the fluid. What would be the damages then? In time, the political boundaries would change for certain, and the weight of the World and it's People would change everything even further. There is nothing as powerful as water, it's been said in times past. It is difficult to control, and even more damaging when it is under control. Man has harnessed the power of water, but can it keep from having a dangerous effect on us if a decision is made that would only be made by the compound we call H2O? I thought about this recently, and sure enough, it would be a huge change if the shape of the Planet were transformed by this powerful compound. Countries would be formed, and lands would be lost, conflicts would end, and conflicts would start. No one could ever know what Water decides to do in reality. Scary isn't it, and we drink everyday Water, and depend on it. It's a very serious paradoxical experience. Should we trust Water, of course! Some are fearful of Water now, is that going to harm them? We don't think too much about the aftermath, nor do we plan for such determinations of elements. A small amount of salt can change the way water is stored. It's frightening. Should we think more about, and dwell on the patterns of history? Every time you turn on running water, you are in control of millions of years of usage and recycling of this precious resource. If it's used to clean, it can clean really well. Is that what Water wants, or is that what you want? The same water that we use has been in millions of creatures. You are drinking a mix of souls from times past if you think about it. It is one of those things that makes you think more about what goes on in the world. It makes the practice of Zen based religions more logical when you think like this. Taoism becomes realistic to people when they realize the powerful consistency of Water. This is only one compound, but it can cause so much Joy and Pain simultaneously. Back to the concept of a hole in the Ocean now, you tell me, do you really think that if Water decides to go to another place, that WE could change that decision. When you ponder the Northern Lights, do you see water making a choice to leave? Would you want such a good friend to become an adversary? We need to think about this resource. It also has a conscious awareness that it is there. If it didn't, it would not be so powerful. You decide, is the Water that we depend on going to turn on us one day? I would hope not, but natural disasters happen you know, and the decision is entirely up to the Water and it's life force. It's a very large concept in reality. One I think would be best kept personal. To some it's refreshment, but to others it may be the basis of their Religion or Belief System. Take some time today to think about Water as an element of life, and sometimes, but not often, the other side of the equation. Water is best! Love Water! This is a command to our life.


Compatibility Layers - running a 64-bit machine.

Today at 2:43am
Certain programs that are used to define variables in 4 dimensional space are not usable for 64-bit machines. There was a time that a statement had to be declared at the start-up of the system to use programs that were considered obsolete. These same programs also work to create interfaces and incorporate Visual Basic statements to label the operation of the variable. Since 64-bit machines, there hasn't been an incorporation that I have seen to date that can compare with the 32-bit VBA format. For a long time, I was making program modules to include enough variables to actually make a global definition that would satisfy my demand for more clarity on the internet, however, when the augmentation to 64-bit machines became evident, there wasn't anything like the 32-bit version that I needed to make the solid models that were made before. I was perplexed, and not wanting to make any mistakes, I took the knowledge that I had obtained through former programming to the next level. Still, there wasn't anything like what was being used by me in the solid modeling department. Now, other programs have surfaced that provide an overview of a type of solid model, but not the ability to actually draw the model. Recently I have downloaded a trial that should be able to form solid models again. I am happy about this advancement, but I wanted to write a note designating this moment before I used the modeling program since I needed to vent my frustrations publicly. Moreover, in light of more recent revelations that the computer takes a certain time until a decision is made to compile data, and the point of completion is never assured without the usage of the 32-bit applications, everything changes on me in a heartbeat. Anyway, you can't really complain about not knowing enough when you don't work at it full-time, but spending time learning programming languages becomes a frustrating ordeal when everything gets sublimated in some unknown format automatically. I am wondering how many people would actually read this far into this note, but as to a decision to make applications that are compatible, I may make exception to the sublimation of the data-set here, and try to write into the start-up text again. I really want to use some of those older programs sometimes. If you did read into this note far enough, you will know that sometimes it becomes impossible to have a time limit to learn everything you need to know, and if you do know enough about it, the computer usually outsmarts you into thinking only it's way is best. Either way you look at it, something has to give in this case. Relative actions are determining every aspect of what is seen and heard anyway, but instant changes are almost always recorded in 64-bit systems. You haven't the time or knowledge how either. I am impressed with how solid modeling has changed the internet, but I would like to be able to define it better than what has already been shown. In most cases, we don't always realize how our usage of the computer will change it, but to affect it in a positive way to make it easier to interpret, that is what my goal is, defining "it." It's a hard work effort to show a remainder of data after the work is done, but there is always an element of finality, and then a small amount of unknown, this is what I would say is "it." I am hoping that everyone gets a chance to learn about themselves while using a computer, but at the same time, there is a part of me that wants to throw out the computer and start using a drawing board and paper mailings, and return to the days where you weren't controlled daily by a computer system. Is that so wrong? I'll stay here for now, but I protest the computer at times. What has made me think so much has made me tired of thinking so much. At the same time, I don't want a computer to do all the thinking for me, but since it knows the best moves, maybe I'll give the computer another chance, and why not, since it is easier to think about things when you can access only what you want to think about. In reality, does the computer ask that much from you anyway? My conscious is divided in this respect, but I will still press on toward an understanding that a solid block in 4-dimensional space has my personal information, and I don't want that lost. Would you?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Systemic Vs. Pathologic (A study in observaton)

(This is an example of a doctorate essay submission to enlighten and inform. Enjoy)

In this study of human function, a constant reminder that with the frailty of living beings, there is a constant growing and changing, even in old age. With further studies of Systemic and Pathological conditions, there will be better treatments leading to quicker recoveries. The double-helix structure of our source code and relative patterns of proteinic collaboration are so complex that it takes decades for us to map and provide some understanding of the patterns of our genetic makeup. In turn, we have better understanding of relations with portions of our source code in conjunction with our bodies. An understanding of the source of systemic and pathological problems, would in turn also follow this intensive research. If you would, take a string and spin it counter-clockwise until it forms a few breaks and segments in the air. This would show you the progression of a systemic problem, since the implosion of the system would cause outward breaks resulting in spurs in the DNA. Now, take that same string and spin it the other way, clockwise, and you will see what occurs in DNA when there is an exploding string of proteins. This would describe a pathologic problem. The degeneration, although much slower in actual life terms, would be shown as something caused by a release of the strands of proteins outwardly, not as the spurs as in the first example. If you need another type of experiment to further describe such occurrences in human diagnoses and prognosis, find a spring that is tightly wound and of course flexible. You can picture this object without actually grasping it with your hands if you would like. Turn the spring so that it expands outwardly. This would describe a pathologic condition. Now, turn the spring so that it becomes more compressed and smaller. This would describe a systemic condition.

The next portion of this study of human function would be the resulting effects of such conditions applied on a real-life scale. Upon studying the human body for years upon years, the resulting data shows that the whole body will also show signs of systemic or pathological conditions. Torsion in relation to the spine would define better what a long term condition may have produced. Gradual or overt torsion towards the right or counter-clockwise, would be defined as a long term effect of a systemic condition. Conversely, gradual torsion towards the left or clockwise, would be defined as a long term effect of a pathological condition. When you are sitting and feeling uncomfortable in your seat, you may notice an involuntary response to turn either one way or the other. Believe it or not, your body is involuntarily attempting to tell you this information. You would never know this unless you read this article, and now that you know the differences in what the body is trying to tell you, you can know what exactly is the nature of your problems in your body. It is a challenge to find a happy medium when it comes to being a balanced healthy individual, but with a little training, you can read your bodies involuntary responses to better understand what messages are actually being sent.

If you start with the basics, you can better read your body's messages. Try this. If you stand in one place, as straight as you can of course, your body will start telling you what it knows. You may notice that there is a slight lean, or turning of your body. Your auto-response system being new to your consciencious awareness will be full of input. Interpretation of this input is up to you. How far you take your interpretation of what your body is trying to tell you is really only up to you. Next, try leaning forward. Your responses will be much more defined if you lean forward will they not? Notice any turning automatically. You may find that your body is attempting to tell you that you are rotating this way, or that way. Now that you understand that propensity, you can align yourself. Your body is involuntarily working all the time, so you should learn to benefit from your own body's intelligence. More advanced applications of this technique will include extending the arms out, lunging forward or sideways, or leaning to one side or the other. It's really up to you how you communicate with your body, but since your body is actually very intelligently working for you, take advantage of this fact. Only you can really talk to yourself and actually benefit from a conversation like this. Good luck in your quest to understand your body because after all, It is your best asset.

Bruce W. Raulston

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Special Modulation Adjustment Settings

You mean you people still use computers? What's with that?


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Interpretation of: "Time to Rest"

When I feel like sleeping, it's always easy for me to stay awake. The best part is to leave that busy time to a quest, starting to have hallucinations and seeing brilliant spinning circles, I relax. When I feel like I am seeing the panorama of color . . .

It appears that I am traveling in time. Sometimes, I feel like I'm floating on a pink cloud 50 feet above what it does, on and on until infinity.

Now you try proven techniques for visualizing your own kaleidoscope of rest. You choose with your mind's eye exactly what you desire to envision.

Try this, layout on the floor, not your bed, with a blanket and a small pillow or not a pillow, it's up to you. Tense a certain part of your muscles, and then release. Do this with your legs, arms, torso, and buttocks. Tense your muscles up, then release. If you want a challenge, tense all your muscles up at once and then release. The purpose is, you need to relax and this is the way. Now that your body is relaxed, you can stretch yourself out while laying on the ground. Try this routine if you get sleepy. The chances are that you don't need to go to sleep, but just relax.

The muscles tense up when you sit with your legs crossed for example. Try to keep yourself centered, so you won't have any muscle problems. Folding one leg under or over the other may be why you are not able to relax, which is much better and healthy than sleeping. Some people try doing this intentionally, and it's called yoga. I have heard of this yoga that is spoken of, and I must say, it is very intimate.


Friday, December 26, 2008

I Have a Red and White Lapp Hat with a White Ball on Top

Can you guess who I am really? I wear a Red and White Lapp Hat with a White Ball on top and I have helpers who move me around. I am not plump because I work all the time and I don't eat fat because it makes me sick. If I leave the house, I usually have people escorting me back home. I work really hard trying to make nice things at the fireplace so that no one will have problems with their durable goods. My coat isn't Red and White but more like Army Green and I fight for the rights of the individual. Some people say that I am the only one who fights, but I don't see it that way. If you see me you will probably notice my bright headgear first, but you would not say that I am extraordinary. I will defend you if I can but I usually feel inadequate to the task. I am your best friend but you never talk to me. I am awake most of the time because I cannot sleep until I find out exactly what is the problem with the world. I am Santa's helper, that is what I am. You would never believe it but I have seen the Great Chariot in the Sky, and my supervisor is very Jolly. I may never be as strong as he is, nor will I probably be as generous or kind, but I make my best effort. Some people call it trying. I believe that I can help though, and Santa, if you are out there, I want you to know that I will still be here if you need me. It's a hard life to lead, but I am letting you know that I will help when I can. Remember me Santa. I am just a lowly Elf in your workforce. Remember me please. . .