Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Current Electricity Provider Should Own The Grand Circuit

The electricity spin-off companies strike out again. Everyone recently has felt the burn when it comes to higher electricity rates. The whole system depends on higher rates to maintain older forms of electricity generation and to provide better and cleaner systems for provision of power to millions of people. However, a company whose offering of a substantial rate reduction to you the consumer, may be a little premature. Recently, a person who had procured employment with an electricity provider called my home asking if I would like to save almost one hundred dollars a month on electricity. This person knew the names of the people here, and was very polite and cordial. Unfortunately, when asked whether or not the company owned the generators of the electricity in my neighborhood, the answer was a clear ", we don't own the generators." Hello, the offering of electricity would imply that there would be service provided, and that would include maintenance at the generator site if needed. I promptly hung up with a pleasant smile on my face. Has this happened to you recently?