Sunday, January 04, 2009

Interpretation of: "Time to Rest"

When I feel like sleeping, it's always easy for me to stay awake. The best part is to leave that busy time to a quest, starting to have hallucinations and seeing brilliant spinning circles, I relax. When I feel like I am seeing the panorama of color . . .

It appears that I am traveling in time. Sometimes, I feel like I'm floating on a pink cloud 50 feet above what it does, on and on until infinity.

Now you try proven techniques for visualizing your own kaleidoscope of rest. You choose with your mind's eye exactly what you desire to envision.

Try this, layout on the floor, not your bed, with a blanket and a small pillow or not a pillow, it's up to you. Tense a certain part of your muscles, and then release. Do this with your legs, arms, torso, and buttocks. Tense your muscles up, then release. If you want a challenge, tense all your muscles up at once and then release. The purpose is, you need to relax and this is the way. Now that your body is relaxed, you can stretch yourself out while laying on the ground. Try this routine if you get sleepy. The chances are that you don't need to go to sleep, but just relax.

The muscles tense up when you sit with your legs crossed for example. Try to keep yourself centered, so you won't have any muscle problems. Folding one leg under or over the other may be why you are not able to relax, which is much better and healthy than sleeping. Some people try doing this intentionally, and it's called yoga. I have heard of this yoga that is spoken of, and I must say, it is very intimate.


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